We can help you in:

  • Lowering your maintenance cost (Cost to Repair)
  • Optimizing your spare-parts inventory to reduce inventory costs
  • Enhancing your sales and operations planning to reduce operations costs
  • Minimizing product quality and reliability issues to meet customer delivery schedules
  • Predict warranty claims to increase customer satisfaction

Our Mission

AI efficiency in systems

To provide OEMS and fleet owners with comprehensive machine learning enabled analytics of their vehicles, driving behavior and vehicle diagnostics for safer, more efficient and healthy vehicles for optimal, unhindered, cost effective operations.

About iGloble


Data to Information for Intelligent Decision Making

We are a bunch of innovators working to transform data into usable information for faster and smarter insights and intelligent decision leading to higher value creation for our customers.

A global company focused on providing cloud based analytics solutions for fleet owners using the Intelligent iotaSmart platform.

Our customers have a lot of data but don't know what to do with that. They can see the reports but they are not able to interpret the information from the reports and hence not able to make intelligent decisions. That is why they call us.

At iGloble we are focused on understanding data and it's inter relationships. Our starting focus is to identify specific data elements that are key to decision making and have a significant impact on the business. Since we are dealing with big data both current and historical, this is an imperative step in the process. Building a network for such data elements to eventually create information linkages helps us transform the data. This information linkages are driven keeping in mind the user experience.

We have a team of data scientists, engineers, and domain experts to build the customer specific networks. Devices, data and human are key components to help create the right network so that the right decision can be made at the right time.

iGloble Team

Dr. Amit ShekharDr. Amit Shekhar
Founder & CEO
Dr. Amit Shekhar Founder & CEO

Ph.D. (Kansas State University, MS (Northern Illinois University), and BS (IIT Roorkee)

Visionary IT Transformation Leader with over 25 years of experience to transform organisations to achieve competitive advantage and efficient operations. Led companies such as American Airlines, i2 Technologies, HCL, Genpact and Birlasoft.

Manjusha MallelaManjusha Mallela
Founder & CQO
Manjusha Mallela Founder & CQO

BS & MS (Northern Illinois University)

Product vision, quality leader and data sciences expert with over 20 years of experience in IT industry. Worked for companies such as Verizon, Busy Dolphin and VarTec.

Kaushik ChoudhuriKaushik Choudhuri
Domain Expert
Kaushik Choudhuri Domain Expert

M.S. in Computer Aided Design (Northern Illinois University) and BE (IIT Roorkee)

Over 25 years in the field of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) and Design Optimisation. Previously worked for L&T, Flexonics, Tata Steel, Siemens etc.

Raj KushwahaRaj Kushawaha
Founder & CTO
Raj Kushwaha Founder & CTO

Over 13 years of experience. Principal strengths include creating successful solution components, defining the technology roadmap, strategy, task analysis and understanding business requirements. Led the Technology office of a successful mobile app development company Zingma. Worked for companies Corbus, Netxtell and so on.

Technical Team

Gaurav Gupta Gaurav Gupta
Senior Android Developer
Poshita Singh Poshita Singh
Data Scientist
Siddharth Tewatia Siddharth Tewatia
Strategic Consultant
Umer Faruque Umer Faruque
Senior Software Engineer
Varun Bharti Varun Bharti
Embedded Systems Engineer

We are looking for curious, nimble and passionate people.