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Over 100 billion devices are going to be connected by 2020. Internet of Things based technologies are taking shape to create networks that can eventually create optimization not at the node level but at the network level. These will not only generate savings but also create value for the human being.

The solution to this value creation lies not only on the platform but also the processes around it. iGloble is focused on building the right set of processes and platform along with the right experts for this solution.

iGloble's Connected Platform uses statistical methods to create meaningful correlations, transform data into information, and create accurate predictions for maintenance and prescriptions to help facilitate faster and intelligent decision making.

Our focus is to analyze the big data that is getting generated by the various devices be it GPS/non GPS related and Onboard diagnostics computer (referred as OBD II) data. Non GPS related data that can be supply chain, costs spent in maintenance, fueling, and personnel are also analyzed. Idea is understand the data in totality and create a network of inter related data elements.

Intelligence is created based on the data network and insights are shared via the insights module with the customers.

IoT and AI solution for automobiles

iGloble's iPrediction and iPrescription

iGloble's iPrediction is based on two critical items, i.e., historical trending and the correlation analysis of the maintenance data, load factor, driving behavior, schedule variations, claims, and fuel expense. A data network is established to predict the failures (Time to Failure, T2F) and Mean Time to Failure (MTBF) along with Cost to Repair (C2F) are computed. Alerts based predicted results are generated and shared with the customers on the Connected Platform dashboard.

Focused on improving the customer experience, a customer dashboard with predictive schedule variations, location specifications, ticketing coupons, route optimizations, etc. are shared on real time basis.

prediction dashboard from iGloble

iPrescription module using the dependency graphs for the devices are used to create prescription alerts for the devices for the component failures and maintenance and repairs needed. Prescriptions are shared with the users via the iPrescription Dashboard.

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