Shifting market conditions, increased competition, higher customized demand and globalization in the automotive sectors calls for innovative ways of working. Top this up with autonomous cars which calls for higher safety, a paradigm shift is needed for accurate and faster decision making. AI and Machine learning is leading that initiative.

iGloble's Machine Learning driven Predictive Analytics platform with Real 3D Simulator helps drive this shift by acquiring data from the vehicles real time and transforming them into insights for optimisation designs.


connected design

Connected Designs

iGloble's Connected Design solution uses machine learning and AI, an innovative shift to the existing Design to Manufacturing cycle and thereby leading to operational efficiency by at least 1-2% of the component design cost per vehicle.

predictive maintenance and failure prevention

Predicting Component Failures

Integrating the real trip and driving data to drive the component/sub assemblies failure predictions and for future design analyses is a paradigm shift in what iGloble calls as "Connected Designs". This solution drives failure diagnostics and higher accuracy of designs leading to lower design costs.

AI based 3d simulation system

Connected Real 3D Simulator

Why over design your components when you can perform 3D simulation with real time data resulting in optimised designs. iGloble's Real 3D Simulator exactly delivers that, resulting in shorter Design to Manufacturing cycle times and saving operational costs.

write iconInsights from Experts

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