The Aviation world is undergoing a revolution driven by AI and Data Analytics to guide decision making.

iGloble's Machine Learning driven Predictive Analytics solutions extract value from your data and provide actionable insights to support your aviation operations.


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Reduce Maintenance Costs thru Predictive Analytics

Recent studies show a reduction of maintenance budgets by 30 to 40% if a proper implementation is undertaken by Big Data Analytics enable the processing of large amounts of data in short amount of time.

Predicting Component Failures

In Airline operations if we can predict Component failures(within 5 cycles), one can ensure availability of spare at a particular station or carry it on board(fly away kit) depending on your operation to prevent disruption (Technical delay/cancellation).

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Impact on Airline Operations

Identifying the scenarios that can show the impact and simulating the same is a critical step in this EASPP process. iGloble's Simulation Framework uses statistical methodologies to run the simulations. At the end you get to see results without actually going through the exercise.

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Based on Industry data, one Technical cancellation at a full service carrier can result in financial impact of 0.5 to 1 Million USD.

ROI calculation and reporting

ROI using Predictive Analytics

For an Airline/Operator with Fleet size of 50 A/C in operation, could report around 10 Technical delays/cancellations in a month. With financial impact of 0.5 to 1 million USD on one Technical cancellation on a full service carrier could result in minimum financial impact of approximately 50 million USD over a year.

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Predictive Customer Analytics

As per DGCA reported data of domestic airlines, on an average 30% passenger complaints are due to Customer service and 25% are related to baggage issues.

Well informed and empowered Customers expect a superior, personalized experience. They base their expectations on the best experience they have had and hold every business to the same high standard.

To deliver truly personalized Customer experience you need to understand the Customer completely.

iGloble's Predictive Customer Analytics solutions provides Customer Insights to deliver best actions to your front line team.

These actions will result in:

  • Building loyalty
  • Improve Service/Provide exceptional Customer service
  • Generate additional revenue
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Reduce Maintenance Costs thru Predictive Analytics

The aviation industry is grasping for opportunities to reduce costs. Big data has been making headlines in several industries, promising to revolutionize the way in which businesses are able to make decisions.

Role of Predictive Analytics to deepen Customer...

These days through advancements in technology and extensive use of Internet, more data is available to be harnessed by Airlines to deliver a more tailored offering that spans the Airline traveller's entire journey.

AI will transform the world

Artificial Intelligence is emerging as the most powerful solution which will change the way we do things and make decisions. Like the way we are connected socially using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. and like the way...

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